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We offer a wide range of product for instructors.  Take a look below to view each product and see how it can help you.

CNA Skills Made Easy Skills Book

The heart of our program!  Provides step-by-step instructions for performing the skill that makes it easy for students to practice independently and ensure that they are performing each skill correctly.  Each skill also features the care plan scenario used in the testing setting, to ensure that the student is familiar with the specific tasks that they will be required to accomplish.  Supply lists, quick review and test-specific information is also included with each skill.  In addition, chapter tests with answer key will ensure comprehension of theoretical principles.  Test registration instructions, test process descriptions, renewal processes, continuing education requirements, employment information and more will ensure you students are ready for life after school!  This spiral-bound book is designed for use in practice settings and will improve your pass rates significantly!

CNA Skills Made Easy Skills DVD

Have you ever looked on YouTube to see how skills should be performed?  Your students have!  And so many of those videos contain improper procedures and practices, it is easy for a student to become confused and integrate some of those incorrect actions into their test performance.  To ensure that your students perform well on the state exam, access to training videos which demonstrate important principles consistently is essential!  Our student skills video DVD is your answer!  All skills are demonstrated by a Registered Nurse, according to best nursing practices, using consistent training methods and principles.  This repetition makes it easy for the student to comprehend the principles and integrate the methods into their clinical performance, ensuring improved pass rates!

Student Practice Kit

Students must practice the skills they are learning in class!  Most clinical skills labs in schools are only available during limited hours for practice and without practice, the students will not be successful in passing the state exam!  The solution?  A student practice kit!  This kit allows students to practice at home, using the same clinical supplies they will use for the test.  Featuring a bath basin, an emesis basin, toothbrush, toothettes, orange stick, emory boards, comb, alcohol pads, chucks (disposable underpads), food tray, gait belt, bedpan, urinary drainage bag, triangular graduate container and gloves – your students are sure to master all the skills quickly!  Refill kits (for disposable items) are also available!

Other Supplies

A student watch is available for bulk orders.  This watch features a white plastic band for durability and quartz movement for ease of use.  Blood pressure kits containing a blood pressure cuff and sprague stethoscope provides uncompromising quality and great acoustics for easy practice.  Bulk orders of scrubs (Cherokee brand) are available for order in a variety of colors.  We offer quantity discounts – please call 352-263-2328 for information!