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Is your CNA program in jeopardy?

2014-01-04 08.39.04Many instructors are not aware of the behind-the-scenes politics that determine the long-term viability of your CNA program.  This can put your students, and even your job, at risk.  This discussion should shed a little light on the subject for you.

All 120 hour CNA programs in Florida must be licensed by the Florida Board of Nursing.  Each state has a similar process, but since we are based in Florida, I will focus on Florida’s laws for this article.  As a condition of licensure, each program must ensure that the first time pass rate of it’s graduates is within 10 percentage points of the state annual reported average (FAC 64B9-15.003(6)).

“A training program must maintain a passing rate on certified nursing assistant examination for its graduates of not less than 10% below the state average as reported annually. If a program’s passing rate drops below the standard for 12 months, the program must be reviewed by the Board. The Board shall place the program on probation, and if the passing rate does not meet the standard within one year, the Board shall rescind the program approval.”

This can pose serious challenges for instructors – who often have no influence over the enrollment process – to provide adequate training and ensure skills competency to a wide variety of adult learners that may have undocumented learning difficulties, extra-curricular influences, time challenges and other impediments to effective learning.

Schools are very profit-oriented.  They make money by enrolling students.  When a student drops, they lose money.  When a program is rescinded, the institution cannot enroll students into the program, which results in a loss of profit.  Therefore, administration is VERY interested in your program and its retention rate, graduation rate and pass rate.  So, instructors are often presented with a group of students that may have specific challenges and told to do whatever it takes to get them through the program.  But that isn’t enough.  These students must also take and PASS the state exam.  So, you have added challenges in getting the students registered and making sure they are prepared for the exam.  And if they aren’t, your pass rate will fall and your program may be in jeopardy.

So, what can you do about it?  We are here to help.  By using our training materials, you can improve student comprehension through repetition and improve your overall retention rate because the program is not so overwhelming.  By making the students more comfortable with the skills, they will be more likely to register for the exam.  And giving them the tools they need to pass the exam ensures that your program will be around for a long time to come!

Our training materials will help improve your program’s performance, resulting in:

  • improved student engagement through repetition
  • improved pass rate
  • increased enrollments
  • increased revenue (through enrollments)
  • improved student performance
  • improved placement rates (employer demand)
  • and job security

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